An Intrinsic Love for Design


My life journey has been like a tapestry that gives the picture only after many colors and threads are woven together. Since my teens, my goal has been to truly know myself by seeking the inner meanings of my experiences and to help others have a deeper understanding of their voyage through life. This drive led me into the mystic arts where I pursued a variety of practices as vehicles for spiritual and personal growth, and artistic forms as avenues of expression.

I’m a connector, energy worker an artist and jeweler.  I love to research and explore new ideas and experiences. I am thrilled by how all is intertwined.  Sacred geometry, crop circles and quantum realities are favorite subjects that I enjoy using in daily life as it helps me understand the power and beauty of our experiences and creations.

“Learn how to see.  Realize everything connects to everything else.”      Leonardo da Vinci

I’m a casual person and cherish my alone time as my thoughts are full of new creations, but I also value close intimate conversation and authentic sharing because I truly love people.  I am always amazed at how unique each person is and how we have woven our lives together, making choices about the experiences we will have with each other in order to motivate us to evolve.  I love and appreciate my home on Mother Earth.  I have lived and learned long enough that I can honestly say that I am a Wise Woman.

Kaayla Fox


Kaayla in Hawaii
August Rainbows in Sedona


LightCircles Fine Jewelry

Inspired by Crop Circles Found Around the World

Kaayla is best known in the Sedona, Arizona area and internationally for her LightCircles© Fine Jewelry, inspired by the crop circles found around the world.  Combining 16 years of experience making crop circle jewelry with over 40 years of metaphysical spiritual practices, she is deeply involved in the crop circle mysteries and energy, and with esoteric symbolism.


Crop Circles in Motion Oracle:

A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution

Kaayla Fox is the author of the Crop Circles in Motion Oracle: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution.  The cards and book are inspired writing that attunes and harmonizes the subtle energies of the body system.  The book encompasses her research and experience with the energetics of crop circles and frequencies of shape and number, the Life Odyssey Developmental Steps, and her Cosmic Guidance of Higher Wisdom.  

Entering In

Enter my world and take the journey with me!

I use photographs of crop circle jewelry and graphic elements,  intermingling and layering until the story emerges. Just like in our life experiences combine.

All of our experiences contribute.  We need only to ‘enter in’ to know.


Kaayla Fox – Artist

Author, Speaker

Crop Circle Energetics Researcher

Fine Jeweler – LightCircles©

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor