Inspired Art – EarthSpirit Angel Sculptures


EarthSpirit Angel Sculptures

Hand-Built Sculptures using crystals and minerals express the Spirit of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Inspired by the elements of nature, they are sculpted with gemstone crystals, rocks, metal, shells, glass, and man-made materials into an art-form that carries the natural healing qualities of our earth and cosmos.

They represent the manifestation of our creative processes and our connection with the spirit realm. They are dedicated to Mother Earth and all her creations to remind us of our innate connection to Source.



Angel Sculptures

Bringing the Earth Energies into Our Surroundings

I have loved collecting rocks, minerals, and crystals since I was a child. There natural shapes are so intriguing, while their colors and frequencies add to our personal experiences. As I looked for a free form expression of my creativity, it was natural to return to my first love, Mother Earth.

Many hours are spent in combining these gems in just the perfect way to bring about a vibrational message.  After all, each rock has a unique frequency that intermingles with our own vibrational patterns.  I follow my intuition and the angel or character emerges with its special gift.