Take the crop circles with you!

Experience the powerful Crop Circles without going into the grain fields. 


You will be empowered and inspired to go beyond what you think you know.

The Crop Circles in Motion Oracle, book and cards, paint a new picture for “what the crop circles are telling us.” Kaayla takes you into a different kind of research, fluid and unstructured, experimental, and very personal. She shows you how the higher vibrational communication from crop circles connects us to our internal motivating energy for breaking destructive patterns that hold back our self-love and love for others, freeing us to fully express our creative force in the world.

Oracle Book & Cards60 Cards & 180 page Paper Back Book

In the Crop Circles in Motion Oracle, you will find out how to ask questions that help you recognize and release outdated patterns not in harmony with your Divine nature. Using the sacred spiral design found in all of nature, Kaayla leads you through a process that you can comprehend and apply in everyday circumstances to guide your enfoldment. Learn to combine intuition and logic and then see these truths revealed:

• we are not broken and don’t need fixing by another
• that each person has an innate ability to heal themselves
• we each have our own access to Divine Knowledge


Crop Circles in Motion came about after making LightCircles jewelry for about seven years when I realized there had to be another description for what I was witnessing in relation to the crop circle jewelry.

First of all, the crop circles are no longer in the fields but are moving about the world on people’s bodies. They are being seen by those who may know nothing of the phenomenon or the subtle energies of the crop circles and they are taking notice. They are simply noticing something about you, as you will see when you wear LightCircles jewelry.

There is an interaction taking place as people respond energetically with the jewelry. While selling the jewelry at shows, I noticed that after my customers were looking at and handling my jewelry they became more relaxed, bright eyed, and joyful. I began to wonder more and more what would happen if these crop circle mandalas were placed in an array on a person’s body, as one would do a gem stone layout.

Another level of ‘Crop Circles in Motion’ came about as a result of putting LightCircles mandala coins on the energy pathways of individuals, much like the ley lines and the vortices on the Earth. To experience these powerful energies combined in an array in your personal energy field is quite amazing. Moving their position on the body, speeds up the experience of the subtle energy shifts taking place. A unified resonant field is the usual outcome.

Many have seen pictures of crop circles by now and have responded. Some have walked in their midst and were changed. Experimentation with the energetic qualities of crop circle designs presented astounding responses never before witnessed. Re-search falls away as we have nothing to compare, so The Search for the undiscovered moves ahead.


LightCircles© Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Inspired by Crop Circles

Inscribed with the Year the Crop Circle was found, they become a Historic Record of an Earth Event.

Crop Circle Designs Inspire a Sense of Well Being

With LightCircles© fine jewelry, made of silver (the master transmitter, you can connect with the crop circle energies anywhere in the world. The circles connect us to the energy of the universe. Crop Circles connect to our higher selves, as well as to mathematics, music, electricity, and magnetism. Their purpose is to reveal UNITY!

LightCircles Jewelry is not being produced at this time.
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Crop Circles in Motion Oracle

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