A Journey with the Crop Circles

Capturing The Magic Through The Imagination

There was an unknown force that drew me to the crop circles, capturing my imagination and creativity. The geometry and construction pulled me into action. I wanted to make them myself. I wanted to feel how all the inner parts and shapes connected. The designs that especially resonated with me were the circles, the mandalas. It was so beautiful how they are balanced and whole, yet have a sense of movement within. The Internet was my main source of visual sensations.

I remembered…asking Creator to guide me in using my talents to make something to assist people in their journey through life, something that would last through time… My life circumstances changed and the doors opened for me to learn fine jewelry making and design. Was this a ‘yes’ from the Universe? I made my first crop circle in silver in 1999 after being introduced to them in 1996.

Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire, England, 1997                                Photo by Steve Alexander


Fine Art Jewelry

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

I’m not sure what drew me in, but I wanted to be involved with this phenomenon. At the time, I thought it was the beauty and complexity of the designs that stimulated me as an artist and I began with only five designs, expanding each year until I had almost 70 altogether.

While selling at shows, I noticed that after my customers were looking at and handling my jewelry, they became more relaxed, bright eyed, and joyful. Their eyes just sparkled! I was drawn to wear certain pieces, sometimes putting them on and taking them off until I got the right combination that felt right intuitively. In the beginning, I did not actually feel much from the images. Or let’s say, I was not aware of the subtlety of the experience I was having wearing the jewelry. However, within a year I started having unusual visual experiences while polishing the silver pieces, images of multidimensional geometric shapes, swirling and emanating light. Slipping into an altered state, I imagined that I was also vibrating shapes of light with enormous amounts of information.


The Vision

Experimenting With Vibration, Without Interpretation

I wondered what would happen if these crop circle mandalas were placed in an array on a person’s body, as one would do a gem stone layout. Carrying the idea since making my first five pieces, it seemed important but I had no idea what to do next or how to find out more about the effects. For seven years, I shared my vision of using these symbols for healing, yet it was not until I met Stuart, a natural clairvoyant, that someone had a corresponding piece. He immediately recognized the sacred geometry and could see the energies emanating from the jewelry. That was exciting validation for me.

I was learning that the silver crop circle symbols contained frequency patterns of subtle energy that some people could see and others could feel. “Crop Circles in Motion” came about as we began to experiment with each other, later including others. We put the crop circle jewelry on the energy pathways of the human body much like marking the ley lines and the vortices on the Earth. Moving the pieces around precipitated a huge energy shift that resulted in a very smooth harmonious field effect. The crop circles were not only in motion as they traveled the world being worn by my customers. I was now realizing that they were alive and finding new ways to express themselves.

They continued to speak to me through their vibrational quality as I experimented with infusing their images into water making vibrational elixirs of the crop circles. Again, their complex energies were noticeable and the quality of each one was unique.

CCIM Card Layout Graphic
Sacred Spiral Card Layout

The Crop Circle Energetics Experience




Vibrational Elixirs
Vibrational Elixirs


Reading the Symbols

Making The Connections

My documentation and research continued. It was clear to me by now that the crop circles were making themselves available to more people. There was a need for organization of this precious information. I was nudged back into looking at geometrical shapes and numbers since they represent the most neutral and complete way of understanding the Universe. Symbols speak to us in a coded language to help us understand something. Crop circles are such symbols, assisting us with everyday life.

I began to make the connection between the complex geometry of the crop circles, the messages they gave me about everyday issues, and the developmental cycles of all life forms as seen in the golden ratio , which became the basic structure of this book. Everyone can relate to the cycles of nature as a reference point. It is when we read the symbols, connecting them into the whole tapestry, that we see it was all necessary. Everything that happens to us or that we actively pursue sheds light into the corners not noticed or valued before. Anything can speak to us really, opening our hearts to the mysterious unknown, our expansive and precious existence.

Remembering the Sacred Spiral

Crop Circles in Motion Oracle

This book, Crop Circles in Motion Oracle, is about my personal discoveries and the responses of those who have also worked alongside of me, along with those who shared their experiences while opening up to higher aspects of themselves. As I grapple with the words to say what is important for me to write, I am remembering that the symbol or the word is not the thing itself. It is the energy behind it. The changing frequencies are shifting us as we read. Even as I write, the symbols are shifting me again and again, through the awareness paths, tunnels, and mountain tops.

It is my deep desire that these writings stimulate a cognitive remembrance of the purpose behind the events in your life so that the jewel you are will be seen and the wisdom of your soul acknowledged.

Kaayla Fox