The Mandorla (also known as vesica piscis in geometry) is an ancient symbol of wholeness that is about changing ourselves.  It symbolizes a “container” strong enough to hold our contradictory human qualities and multiple perspectives, while we remain in the tension of transformation until something new emerges.  Opening to new possibility, discovery, and creativity, we can reconcile our struggles with life and each other.  There we find balance.

Vesica Piscis Crop Circle 2015

The Vesica Piscis, two circles coming together, overlapping one another to form an almond shape in the middle, is the holographic generator of all vibratory resonances.  It offers healing for the spirit and connects us to the Divine Mother’s creative, life-giving fertility.



Levi Fitch Artist



Sacred geometry forms the architecture of all creation.  When you become aware of your creativity and how to use it, you can achieve anything you want in life.  So prepare for huge transformations!

The Mandorla Inspires Action, symbolizing the interactions and interdependence of opposing worlds and forces expressing the perspective of the mystic.



At “Living in Mandorla,” our commitment is helping you with the art of reconciliation to heal the split between the opposites that you experience in your life, engaging these differences consciously and with respect.  The Mandorla offers a way to balance our contradictory human qualities in ways that allow for our fullest self-expression.  It inspires action informed by a spirit of courage, curiosity, compassion, and collaboration.  

Whether addressing personal conflicts, business issues, social concerns, or spiritual questions, we will witness you standing in the tension of opposites long enough for something new to emerge.  Step into the Mandorla to move beyond “either-or” thinking, and even beyond the ideas of common ground or compromise.  It demonstrates the principle of “power with,” rather than “power over,” and it stands as a signpost on the path of walking between opposites.

Whatever the circumstances might be that you are seeking insights or help, on a personal level, a business project, or relationship coaching, we have a shaman’s bag of valuable tools for your support.  We have programs, services, and products that support your success in evolving your self-expression and personal awareness.

The founders of Living in Mandorla, Kaayla Fox and Stuart Wreschinsky, together have over 60 combined years of experience in the healing arts, subtle energy, and intuitive and clairvoyant readings.  They are both certified Life Coaches using the Rainbow Aloha Developmental Steps.


Metaphysical Essentials

Because we want to support your individual development, we have created dynamic transformational tools to assist you in taking control of your personal growth. Utilizing the subtle energy of crop circles and the gemstones from the earth, you can increase your awareness of yourself and others.


LightCircles Jewelry


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EarthSpirit Grouping 2

LightCircles© Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Inspired by Crop Circles – Up lifting, Energetic, and Harmonizing Jewelry that resonates with the same frequencies as the original crop circles.


Crop Circles in Motion Oracle & Cards

The Crop Circles in Motion Oracle: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Freedom,  paints a new picture for “what the crop circles are telling us.” The cards and book are inspired writing that attunes and harmonizes the subtle energies of the body system.  The book encompasses her research and experience with the energetics of crop circles and frequencies of shape and number, the Life Odyssey Developmental Steps, and her Cosmic Guidance of Higher Wisdom.  

EarthSpirit Designs

Original designs in Jewelry inspired by the elements of nature and EarthSpirits Angels & Characters sculpted with crystals, rocks, metal, and glass.

Entering In

Entering In

Photographs of crop circle jewelry and graphics elements are intermingled, the story emerges.

All of our experiences contribute.  We need only to ‘enter in’ to know.